Hotel Apollon, Metsovo

Local events and festivals:

 On the 17th of May we celebrate the local saint of our town, Agios Nikolaos Bazdanis with litany and traditional dances in the temple of Agios Dimitrios.
 On the 20th of July, the festival of the Prophet Ilias, with local market and festivity on the plateau of politsia in "Krya Vrysi" region.
 On the 26th of July celebrating the central church of Agia Paraskevi with litany, local dances and songs from the women of Metsovo.
 On the 15th of August celebrating the monastery of Virgin Mary.


Sights in Metsovo     

During your stay in hotel "Apollon" you can visit the sights of the region of Metsovo, but also of the regions around:


Tositsas Museum
 The Art Gallery of Averof

 The Folk Art shops in the centre of Metsovo with the traditional items of Metsovo.

 The lake of Aoos springs (you should definitely go round the lake: distance 45 km.)

 The National Park "Valia Calda"

 The museum of WaterPower in Anthochori.
 The park of Agios Georgios, which has all the species of the trees of Pindus.
 The churches of Agia Paraskevi with its exceptional carved temple and of Agios Haralambos where Kosmas the Aetolean has spoken from there to the habirtants of Metsovo.
 The monasteries of Virgin Mary and Agios Nikolaos, which are located in an area below Metsovo, on the banks of Araxthos river. You can reach to them by hiking, while you enjoy the magnificent view of the valley.
 The ski resort for ski in winter and walks through the summer season.
 The plateau of Politsia where you can enjoy horseriding and local routes.


Furthermore, a little far away you can see:

 The cave of Perama in the city of Ioannina, through Egnatia motorway.
 The wax statues Museum of Greek History, work of the sculpture Pavlos Vrellis.

 The island of Ioannina into the lake Pamvotis, one of the least lake islands that is populated, a traditional and historical settlement.

 The region of Zagori, famous for the stoned architecture of the region and the wild beauty of natural landscapes.
Kalambaka with its wonderful Monasteries of Meteora.
 The traditional mountainous villages, Vovousa, Perivoli, Samarina.
 The villages that are located in Tzoumerka: Kalarytes, Syrrako, etc.


During the summer season you can visit:


 In an hour from our hotel you can reach to the wonderful beaches of Igoumenitsa, Syvota and the crystal clear beaches of Parga, very easily through Egnatia motorway.

Corfu island, which is connected with Epirus through the port of Igoumenitsa, in which ends up Egnatia motorway.
 The wonderful beaches of Ionion Sea and the rest islands which are connected with Preveza and Igoumenitsa.


Please see more information about the sights of Epirus:, and

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