Hotel Apollon, Metsovo

What you will find in Apollon

- Comfort
- Luxury
- Located in the centre of Metsovo
- Traditional hospitality
- All the modern conveniences
- Wonderful view
- Friendly service
- Family atmosphere
- High quality services
- Comfortable private parking
- Chargers for Electric Vehicles


The hotel APOLLON in Metsovo     

The hotel Apollon is located in the most central point of Metsovo, next to the square and the conference centre "DIASELO". It is a traditional masterpiece of Metsovo, where in a warm and familiar environment are provided services of high quality for pleasant and convenient stay.

Hotel "APOLLON" is a family business, with great experience in the field of rendering services, literally a pattern of hospitality and service.

The hotel operates constantly since 1986 and was totally renovated in 1996 and 2010, with special care and respect in tradition by BOUBAS family.

The aim of our family is the combination of the strictly traditional specifications with the convenience and the luxury of a modern lodge.


The hotel offers view to the whole green mountains of Pindus, but also in the central square, which is plenty of rare species of firs and perennial plane trees.

Photographs from the hotel